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Some Important Items for Parents......
One of the most important factors to
consider when trying to achieve
LONG-TERM mastery of spelling
words is repetition. Any child can learn
that word list for one day to take the
test.  What we should be more
interested in, is that they are able to
recall those words months and years
later in their life.  Studies show that
repetitive tasks with a small group of
words can accomplish this goal.  For
this reason, I give the students a short
spelling activity every evening leading
up to their unit test on Friday.  This is
the schedule of spelling homework:

Monday: Put word list in ABC order.
Tuesday: Write words 5X each.
Study Dictation Sentences
Thursday:  Study for the
weekly test.

While these activities may appear to be
"busy work"  they actually DO serve an
important purpose in your child's
As I have explained to the students,
teachers do not give homework to
ruin everyone's night.  (REALLY!)
Homework is designed to serve a
valuable purpose for your child.  A
person who is learning new
information must be given a small
amount of time in between learning
acquisition and recalling information.  
This serves to move the "new
information" from the short term
memory to the long term memory.  
This is the importance of homework,
particularly with
memorization skills,
such as spelling words and math facts.
We make birthdays a big deal!  If you
would like to bring cupcakes- that would
be great!  PLEASE don't send an entire
cake or a large container of juice!
Individual cupcakes are best! It takes
forever to serve 28 third graders!  
Sign the agenda every night.
Make sure that your child is
WRITING down the assignments from
the board.  Check that all of the work
is completed.  
The purpose of the
agenda is to create some organization
in this crazy world of ballgames,
dance, gymnastics, and music lessons.  
It is
our hope this will become a habit
for your child for the future!
FIS Handbook
If you are new to the FIS building, I
encourage you to read the
FIS school
very carefully.  This handbook
contains very important information on the
rules and policies of the FIS school
community.  These rules and policies may
be different than those at other schools.  
The purpose of the handbook is to inform
you of the specific ways in which we strive
to keep your child SAFE and HEALTHY.
  Please read and become familiar with
these rules/policies.  If you have any
questions, don't hesitate to ask either
, Mrs. Fry or Mrs. Miller.  
Visiting FIS
When entering FIS, all parents and
visitors MUST enter at the front door (at
the flag pole) and report to the office.  
Please understand that we take your
child's safety VERY seriously.  
Typical Week of Homework:

Monday:      ABC order
   Math Fact sheet side B
   Math Written Side B
Tuesday:     Read story aloud
  5 X each
  Math Fact sheet side B
  Math Written Side B
Wednesday: Reading skill Worksheet
  Math Fact sheet side B
 Math Written Side B
                  Study Dictation Sentences

Thursday:   Read aloud  (partner story)
 Math Fact sheet side B
  Math Written Side B
                  Study spelling words for test.
Friday:        No Homework!!
Contacting ME:

I will always be glad to speak with you
regarding your child!  Please call the
school at 937-1412 if you would like to
make an appointment.  If I am teaching
and you leave a message, please allow
24 hours for me to return your call.  I
only have one 20 minute planning period
each day, otherwise I am surrounded by
25 little ones.  Please be patient while I
get the time to call you back....I
appreciate your support so much!